Recipe- Mango Yogurt

Mango Yogurt


Mango small size 2
Hung Curd 4 tbsp
Sugar 2 tbsp (or adjust according to mango sweetness)


Wash and peel mango properly.
Cut one slice and keep aside for garnishing.
Mash rest mangos in a blender jar.
Add sugar and blend well.
Take serving glasses and pour approx 1-2 tbsp of mango pulp to form a layer in the bottom of glass.
Keep the glasses aside.
Add curd in leftover mango pulp and blend for few seconds.
Add this in glasses over the layer of mango pulp.
Now dies the mango slice and garnish your dessert.
Refrigerate for half an hour. 
Serve chill.


You can top the glasses with vanilla ice cream scoop as well.
Do not blend too much after adding curd to the pulp.

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